February 12, 2014

Viv's Birthday: The Butterfly Conservatory

I can't believe it's taken me so long to finish Viv's birthday posts! 
I haven't even planned her birthday party yet. 
Double ugh. 

The same day that we were at The Strong Museum for her birthday we decided that she was probably old enough to enjoy the butterfly conservatory (inside of the museum).
We've been wanting to take her during our other trips but knew she wouldn't care much and we didn't want to spend the $8 to go through if we would have to just leave right away because Viv was too antsy.

I am so glad we went this time!
Viv was in awe and had magic in her eyes the entire time. 
We were the only ones there which was really, really nice.
The butterflies flew around Viv and kept landing on her arms and in her hair. 
She giggled the whole time!
I wore Penny in my sling and she kept reaching out to try and touch the butterflies as they flew by.
We loved watching the girls in such wonder.

February 8, 2014

Viv's Birthday: The Strong Museum of Play

For Vivienne's birthday (the day after, actually) we decided to get out of the house for the first time in months!
With the girls being so sick and it being such a terrible winter, we haven't gone anywhere as a family besides to visit family or to run errands. 
The girls were starting to feel normal this week so we took them to the Strong Museum in the city. 
I know I've posted pictures of trips there multiple times already, but when it's cold and snowy, there's not too much else to do around here! 

Viv was so excited to go to her favorite place for her birthday and to get her energy out! 
Every time we would tell her it was her birthday she would jump up and down and scream "yay!!"
She was such a thrilled little birthday lady. 
We loved watching her light up with joy and excitement. 
Even though we've been to this museum multiple times with her, she's older each time and it's really cool to see how she's growing and developing every time we go.

Now, let's talk about Penny for one second. 
I can't even begin to tell you how incredible this girl is. 
Both of our girls never cease to amaze us and make us fall even more in love with them. 
This was the first real interactive place she's been since she's been old enough to care about what's going on around her. 
She had SO much fun watching, listening, and playing!
I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for springtime!
Now that Penny and Viv get alone so great and Penny can keep up with her sister, things are just going to be so much fun! 
I cannot wait. 
This season of life for us, and for the girls is the most beautiful time of our lives. 

Tomorrow I'll be back sharing our trip to the Butterfly Conservatory at the museum! 

February 7, 2014

Guest Post: Lauren

I am so excited to have my first guest blogger today! Today Lauren from Momma Moonpie is here sharing a beautiful poem that she wrote. Lauren and I have been following each other on Instagram for awhile now and she and her family are just beautiful! Thank so much, Lauren for sharing! 

You Reached For Me

For 9 months you grew within my womb

ever changing

fluttering about your room

dancing while preparing for your debut

All the while I am growing too

my body stretching

each day more draining

impatiently waiting to meet you

The morning of your birth was a dream

Everything a blur

So many emotions, up and down

Looking ahead to the unknown

The early weeks are so hazy to me

clouded by hormones

I can hardly remember your tiny self

struggling to stay afloat

All of those feelings of self doubt

Am I doing this right?

Why is she crying?

Does she even love me at all?

And then one day it finally happened

you reached for me

all was right in the world

I couldn’t stop my tears from falling

My confidence soared to new heights

never self doubting

The self I knew forever changed

I became a mother

You can also find Lauren on Instagram @mommamoonpie and her blog mommamoonpie.com. Thank you again, Lauren! XO. 

If you would like to write a guest post for MyFaereLady feel free to drop us an e-mail at j.strong73@yahoo.com, I would love to talk things over with you and have you here on the blog! 

February 5, 2014

Another 2nd Birthday Post

Viv's birthday was pretty laid back.
We're throwing her a big party at the end of the month, since everyone seems to be suffering from different bugs and sicknesses.
So for her actual birthday we just stayed home and celebrated!
I got up before she did and did a little decorating and blew up some balloons.
Then I made her pink, heart shaped vegan pancakes with sprinkles and coconut whipped cream!

I sang Happy Birthday to her about 20 times throughout the day.
It excited her so much and I loved it!
I love that she knew that it was a special day for her!

In the afternoon one of her friends came over to play.
They played with Margaret, dressed up like fairies and danced around, and drew pretty pictures together.
I made them veggie pizzas for dinner and Josh brought home Viv's favorite ice cream sandwiches!
It was a simple day, but it was so, so special.