February 5, 2014

Another 2nd Birthday Post

Viv's birthday was pretty laid back.
We're throwing her a big party at the end of the month, since everyone seems to be suffering from different bugs and sicknesses.
So for her actual birthday we just stayed home and celebrated!
I got up before she did and did a little decorating and blew up some balloons.
Then I made her pink, heart shaped vegan pancakes with sprinkles and coconut whipped cream!

I sang Happy Birthday to her about 20 times throughout the day.
It excited her so much and I loved it!
I love that she knew that it was a special day for her!

In the afternoon one of her friends came over to play.
They played with Margaret, dressed up like fairies and danced around, and drew pretty pictures together.
I made them veggie pizzas for dinner and Josh brought home Viv's favorite ice cream sandwiches!
It was a simple day, but it was so, so special.

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