September 2, 2011

Nursery Inspiration Part 3: It's a girl!

Definitely the most exciting thing for me to think about is designing and decorating Vivienne's nursery. 
I'm more excited to do that than to decorate our new apartment! 
(still 2 more weeks til I can get in there and paint...the time is dragging!)
Now that I'm not working it's going to be harder to buy lots of new things to decorate so the process is going to be slow going - we still have 4 months before Viv makes her debut so I think we'll be fine ;)

The theme of our nursery is going to be vintage 
We're really into animals so there's going to be lots of woodland creatures and birds.
I really can't bring myself to do a "girly" room, you know filled with everything pink...

So here begins Part 3 of my Nursery Inspirations:


1. fox
2. owl
4. deer

Wall Decor:

Stuffed Animals:
1. owl

(I'm making Vivienne's crib sheets, etc)

I can't wait!

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