August 17, 2011


We won't be finding out the gender until the 29th
The baby just would not cooperate today. I had a feeling it was going to be difficult - since it has been wiggly and feisty every time we've gone to the doctor so far. 
Everything looks great though and the babe is VERY active.
The doctor said if she had to take a guess she thinks it's a boy - but again, that's just a guess.
I have to go again for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound, bloodwork, etc on the 29th and hopefully we will be able to tell then! 
Ahh...the anticipation is awful!
I was so excited today that I couldn't even go to the bathroom when it was time to take my urine test! 
Oh well, I'm going to be patient and trust God that everything happens for a reason.
Maybe we won't be able to find out until baby is born! ;)
I hope not though! 
Thanks for all the thoughts today everyone!

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