August 11, 2011

Yesterday at work I went up to the baby section...bad idea.
They just got in all their fall and winter clothes which are what baby is going to be needing. 
My heart melted into rivers.
Baby clothes (especially for girls) are just so darling.
We haven't been buying very much yet since we don't know the gender (6 days people!!) but there was some extreme clearance and I couldn't help but grab a few things.

The onesie  in the middle my mom got when we first found out we were pregnant.
The star wars one we got awhile ago just because we couldn't resist.
The Jenks household is a very nerdy place.

at $3 a piece I couldn't not buy these.
Green is gender neutral enough, right?

I know, I know...these are definitely for girls but for $2.48 I had to.
If we're having a boy, I'll just return them.

So yeah, that's literally all we have for baby so far. 
When we find out on wednesday the gender I'm sure we will be adding to our collection fast.

I can't wait until next week.
Our birthdays
last day of work
go to the doctor!
finish packing
It's going to be gooood.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting. You must be dying to find out the gender! I love the Star Wars onesie, that's soo cute.

  2. Thanks, Eva! We *are* dying to find out the gender - it's awful not knowing!
    Thanks for the comment :]