September 9, 2011

So Close

We get the keys for our new apartment in 5 days!
I have slowly been packing for the past month or so so that I won't be a crazed preggo when it comes time to move.
Now that I'm not working I have been planning my "project: new home" with every spare moment.
All my life I've always needed to do things by myself when it comes to any sort of project. There's nothing better than having that "I've done every part of this on my own. I've created this with my two hands."
I don't think I've ever been more excited about a project than I am for this one. I think the reason is because this is going to be the place where Vivienne spends her first year of her life and even though it's an apartment - it's going to *really* be a home and it's my job to create that home.
I'm definitely going a little OCD though... 
I have everything planned out perfectly - our packed up boxes are placed around our current apartment in specific spots according to when I will be taking them over to the new place.
I have my days planned out in a lovely schedule. 
Since we have until the 30th to be out of here I'm going to work on one room at a time in the new apartment and get them settled. Then, when I'm finished getting things set over there we'll rent a U-haul and take over the big stuff. I'm so glad we don't have to throw everything in a big truck and just drop it all in the middle of the apartment all at once!
Sometime next week I have to take a trip out to my parents and work on some big pieces that my mom is giving me (bookshelf and antique dresser). I'm going to refinish and paint them so that's going to take a whole day...I wish I did that a few weeks ago. Oh well. 
So, I am super excited and going to be extremely busy over the next few weeks!
Now just to make up my mind on paint colors! 


  1. be careful with so much painting while pregnant!

  2. Yeah, I bought a pack of face masks and we have a bunch of fans. We're using paint that contains no-VOCs which is safest for pregnant women (an non-pregnant. So, that kind isn't supposed to have any fumes and less chemicals. We'll see though ;) Josh might have to pick up my slack a little.

  3. Love your blog Jorda!! I check often. I was reading it just now when you were writing for today!!

  4. Hi Jorda!
    Just read all your updates! Can't wait to see your new home and soon to see our Great Grandaughter!!<3