October 11, 2011

Your Thoughts: Baby Carriers

I'm going to start a new section called Your Thoughts. It's just going to be a post where I list off some of my favorite things from a specific category and then you let me know either what you think of them or what your favorite products from the category are! Sounds fun, right? I think so!
Being a new mom-to-be I feel so lost in such a huge world of baby products.
What do I need?
Is what I pick out the very best for baby?
Am I just letting my eyes choose things for me because they're pretty?
I want you guys to help me know what's going to be the very best for my little girl!
Is there a product that I must know about?
Something you couldn't have lived without?
Do I not even need this at all?
Whatever your opinion is - I want to hear!

Okay, so I'm starting out this section with baby carriers
You know, the kind you strap on and let baby just hang around. 
I have seen SO many different styles and brands that I'm feeling like I need help knowing what's best.
I've read articles and customer reviews but I also want to know your thoughts as well.
I want something that will be easy for Josh to wear too. 

Here we go:


I see Baby Bjorn all over the place and I love the colors on this one!


These are extremely expensive I feel, just to carry around my baby.
I like that Baby can grow with this one though. 
Another drawback is that you have to purchase a special infant insert...I didn't check how much that cost but anything on top of $145 for just the carrier seems like a lot.
What do you think of the ERGObaby's?


This particular style from Beco is limited and I'm not sure if they're still making them but they have other styles which looks nice.
Have any of you used the Beco brand?


This carrier is considerably less expensive and seems less bulky.

I would love to know what your favorite baby slings are too!
I definitely want to use a sling but not so much for Josh to use.
Let me know what you love!


  1. I'm a mom-to-be too and I agree that the choices are overwhelming. I don't have any friends that are moms (or even close to it!) that I can get advice from, so I look forward to reading all the responses you get!

  2. Same thing here as Mandi! First timer and not many friends with babies.

    I know I'll be wearing a sling a lot around the house and going for a walk to maximize skin-to skin contact and baby time. But I haven't been able to narrow down the more sturdy long term carriers. I have Ergo in my baby registry. I also like Petunia Bottoms Organic one.

    SO I'll be looking forward to answers and maybe ask on my blog too.

  3. We didn't have all of these choices when the girls were little, so I can't really weigh in on them. However, here is one thing to consider: Whenever we used our carrier, we had to keep an eye on the baby's feet and legs because the carrier would sometimes cut off her circulation :o


  4. Ergo all the way! A Moby is near essential too. I have a hot sling too, but I find that it's just occasionally nice to use and not my "go-to" carrier. Both the ergo and the moby wrap are really versatile. They each can be adjusted to be front, back or either side carriers. If I wanted to, I could wear my 4 year old on my back with the ergo. (Not that I do, what with the baby needing it...)

    The thing about the Ergo is that, even though it IS expensive, it's SO worth it. If you're committed to wearing your baby, you'll get a lot of use out of whatever carrier you have. Only, with the ergo (which is ergonomically designed) You don't suffer from pinched nerves, pulled muscles and achy joints. Which DOES happen when you're wearing your baby with most other slings/carriers I've tried. (In addition to using this for all 3 of my kids, I used to work for a natural parenting company and therefor tried out just about every thing under the sun. Ergo and Moby win. Hands down.) Plus... chances are if it's on your registry and people know you really want it, someone else will buy it for you! ;)


  5. The Ergo is worth every penny! And I found that a rolled up blanket worked just fine for the infant insert :)

    The baby bjorn is uncomfortable for both baby and parent (google it!)

    Good Luck!

  6. I really liked the Becco baby carrier that I had for my first little girl, but with my second two kids, both boys, I've been using baby wraps and I love them. I recently heard about the moby wrap baby carrier and it's almost enough for me to want to have another baby. If I did then maybe we could have two of each, but I doubt my husband will go for that.