November 30, 2011

I've been super lazy with blogging lately.
I think about it - but then I think about something else and well, there goes the blog.
The past few weeks have been anything short of dull.
I had my first baby shower hosted by my wonderful mother-in-law at our church. It was a beautiful time.
A lot of Josh's family that lives out of state came up for a few days and were able to come to the shower. It was such a blessing being able to spend a few days with them. They're all a blast! But now we miss them again!
A few days after my shower I got really sick.
chest pains, couldn't breathe, blurred and spotty vision, lost feeling in many places.
I along with my doctor panicked for a while at the possibility of preeclampsia but ruled it out.
Finally, after a bunch of tests and doctor visits they diagnosed it as Anemia.
Nothing too serious - although my iron level was 11 (not sure what it's supposed to be but 11 sounds really low). I've been feeling a lot better since going on a 3x daily iron supplement. yeuch.
I babysit 4 times a week for most of the day for two 7 month old babies ( I mentioned awhile back I think). I adore them but they do like to steal every ounce of energy that I may have from me. I made the decision today not to continue babysitting them after Vivienne is born. My heart feels torn because these kids are so adorable and lovable and their parents are great. 
Tomorrow my mom is coming over for the day to work on favors for my second baby shower which she's having on Saturday.

I've started to go into panic mode.
Only 8 more weeks and our daughter is going to be here.
We still have so much we need to buy for her arrival - like the real essentials people!
I need to make my birth plan, make lists of everything I need to do, go on some dates with my Hubby, get new tires on the car, clean out the car (it's disgusting!), choose our pediatrician, enjoy Christmas! Oh my, so much to do! 

here's some crappy pictures to update you on how fat I'm getting.
Seriously, I'm becoming a cow.
I've finally gained some weight (not that I was by any means skinny before I got pregnant).
I would tell you what I'm at now but saying my weight out loud is something I never liked doing - might as well not start anything new. 
You know how your mother always used to tell you "appreciate how skinny you are now because you won't always be!" 
Yep, wishing I took that motherly advice now.

30 weeks ^

31 weeks ^

32 weeks! ^


  1. you look really great! seriously.
    enjoy these last few weeks. : )

  2. So close!! You look amazing!!!

  3. You're beautiful! We got pregnant with our first (twins) at 20 and I was terrified. I love being a young Mom now though :) Found your blog on TopBabyBlogs.