April 10, 2012

Vivienne's First Easter (Part 1)

Between my mom and I we took almost 600 pictures (me mostly) so I'm splitting my "Easter post" into two posts because they're going to be very photo-heavy. Sorry!

We had a super busy Easter weekend.
We spent Saturday evening together at home.
I made Vivienne a basket filled with toys, books and cute clothes - and I made Joshua his traditional basket filled with candy and love notes and some fun things. 
We watched the Veggie Tales Easter movie and read books about Jesus and bunnies and just enjoyed. 

Bunny sleeper from Baby Gap 


  1. Dont apologize for the amount of pictures, like myself, I'm sure everyone loves looking at your pictures! glad you had an amazing first Easter with your new little family!

    1. hehe :)

      thank you! I hope you did too!