May 17, 2012


We've had a busy few weeks lately...or at least it seems like it.
Joshua is done with school until September so summer is officially here and we're loving every minute of it so far!
We've gone to festivals, parks, shopping, so many long walks, dates...oh my gosh, I love summer!

 Tiny mohawk

Watching Curious George.

Her seat belt is a must these days. 

 Watching Daddy play soccer. She *loves* being outside.

After church on Mother's Day

Went to my mom's house for the day and showed Viv all her animals.
She *loved* them! Oh my day of my life.

Viv would grab the tiny kittens and try and pick them up! Funniest thing ever.

Went for a walk to town and had a picnic on the canal.
Did I mention that Vivienne *loves* to go places now?
Well, she does and it's so much fun!

This happens whenever she's not wearing her seat belt.

 Somebody got lazy.

Buried in laundry in her crib...oopies.

This girl is so active these days.
We can't put her down for a second because she'll roll over and wriggle herself to wherever she wants to go. I'll have to post a video sometimes because she looks like a little worm and it's kind of hilarious. I think she'll be semi-crawling by 5 months if she keeps up at the rate she's going. If she could pick her belly up off the floor she would be mobile. 

These are the days.

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  1. Love all of your pictures! She is so curious, too cute!