November 16, 2012

Our Fall Adventures

Okay, I'm still catching up on posting.
It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost winter.
So, I thought I would do a post or two about all our fall adventures before winter comes and hits us.

Viv was pretty sick with a nasty cold for almost a month during the end of September and most of October. 
She would get better but then Josh or I would be sick and then next thing you know, she would be sick again. We just went back and forth - so we didn't get to do a lot of fun activities during the nice, warm part of fall. I was pretty bummed.

We did little things like hang out at my moms, go to parks, visit with friends; that was all nice and fun but I did miss things like hay rides, harvest parties and play groups. Though, there will be many of those things in the future :)
Our big Halloween party got cancelled due to hurricane Sandy - another bummer.
But, thank God, the storm didn't hit us nearly as hard as some places!

Anyway, here's a little glimpse of life...though most of it was spent inside ;)

Okay, so I had to include this breastfeeding picture.
This is as real as our life gets.
We were out in the woods with my mom and Viv decided she wanted to I nursed her. And of course my mom \pulled out my camera and took a picture.
I am absolutely pro whip-your-boob-out-wherever-you-need-to. 
I'm not ashamed and I don't care what people think. When my kid needs to nurse, she's going to nurse because it's in her best interest and I'm her mom.
My older brother saw this picture and freaked out a little.

Viv's favorite thing to do is to be put into a laundry basket with the dog and be pushed around the house. 
She laughs hysterically and the poor dog cries to be set free - our house is always so crazy.

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