January 27, 2013

My Joyful Girl...

Last night I was making a lemon sauce for some chicken I was making for dinner and Viv saw me cutting the lemons and started tugging on my leg until I gave her a piece. 
She loves lemons!
I think that she only likes them because of the faces that they cause her to make and our reactions from the faces.
She really is a comic genius.
She lives to make everyone laugh at her antics.
She does the most ridiculous things and she knows that she's doing them for laughs. 
I'll watch her practice her weird stunts by herself and then she will come out to me or Josh and do them for us until we're bursting out laughing. 
She will make her toys sing so that she can do a crazy dance for us - and she doesn't laugh herself until it's all over and she's done with her routine.
She will go into our room and take clothes out of the dresser and put them on her head, walk out to us, and then start doing weird dances when she can't see...which is hysterical.
She'll dump her buckets of toys on her head and walk around with the basket on her head until we laugh at her.
She is just so filled with laughter and joy.
Every moment of the day we are either laughing or making up new things that will make us laugh.
From the day she was born, Viv hasn't stopped smiling and making us smile.
She has the sweetest personality and she just makes me melt every time I look at her.
I always look forward to the morning when she wakes up because I know that she is going to fill my day with joy.
Her imagination is astounding.
We play with her toys and she talks to them and role-plays with them already.
She makes all her dolls sit together and gives them cups of "jujee" (juice) and she puts them in her swing or bouncer seat for nap times. 
She is the best little mommy at only a year old.
The hours go by so fast because we spend them imagining and learning.
I just started building her blanket forts and she thinks those are the coolest ever.
We read stories and snuggle in them for hours. 
I'm making her a tent for her birthday and I can't wait for her to see it!

I'm soaking up these days of just her and I.
Sometimes I feel a little guilty for getting pregnant again so soon because I cherish these times of just her and I and I don't want her to think that the new baby will take me away from her attention. 
But I know that it won't be long until Viv and Penny are the best of friends and will be for the rest of their lives. 
I never had a sibling close in age to me and that's something that I always wished for; especially a sister.
My older brother and I were never very close as he is almost 9 years older than me and my younger brother closest in age is 5 years younger than me (though now that he's older we get along splendidly). 
Josh and his brothers are very close in age and that's something that I've always loved and admired.
They do and have done everything together since they were babies and I just love that bond. 
I know that Viv will be the best big sister to Penelope. 
I can just see her now wanting to hold and rock her and sing her little songs.
I can see her showing her how to do everything and making sure that she is always safe.
Viv is just like that - she is loving and warm.
I can't wait to keep watching her develop and grow and discover.
She is something so special - she is the best treasure.

I loved these pictures of her from when she was eating her lemon. 
She's such a silly girl. 

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