January 20, 2013

Our Week

This week was pretty busy and fun-filled - I'm always a happy camper when we find fun things to do during the winter months. It's so hard not to start to get a little depressed when it's below 30 degrees outside every day. I live for taking walks and going to parks and living life outdoors during spring and summer and it's extra hard this winter being cooped up inside now that we have a toddler. I hate keeping her in our stuffy apartment so often when all she wants to do is run free. We only have a few (well, more like 7) weeks until our vacation to Florida so I'm keeping my head up until then!
Spring always comes SO fast after our vacation every year.

This week we spent a lot of time together again since Josh is still on winter break from school.
Viv's heart is going to be broken when her daddy isn't around as much once school starts. 
He is her everything.
She lights up whenever he's home and they laugh and play all day.
Next week we're pretty busy so this week we decided to spend one day at the Strong Museum (our local kid's play museum). We went during the summer when Viv was 6 months old but this time was WAY more fun now that she is walking and running!
As soon as we got there she started running and screaming and didn't stop until almost 4 hours later when she was so tired she could no longer walk straight. 
I loved that she was able to just run free and not have a care in the world. 
She played with other kids and just had the time of her life.
Having a baby who can run and play is so much fun - even though I still can't believe she's old enough to be so mobile. 

Another day this week we finally made it to play group at our church!
We went once before quite a few months ago but Viv was too young to enjoy it so I decided to wait until she was bigger to start going. 
That was fun but Viv was so shy and quiet that I had to follow her around the whole time.
Usually she is so good about opening up and playing with other kids but she's teething right now so I don't think she was feeling too great. 
That same day Josh and I were able to get out together for a little date while Viv hung out with her grandparents. We saw a movie and walked around the mall for a little while but Viv (like I said, was teething) and needed us. She went to bed early that night and had a little fever so I'm glad we got home to get her early.

This morning we decided to skip church and snuggle in bed together.
I made pancakes for breakfast and we just enjoyed a slow morning together.
Once it was time for Viv's naptime I escaped out of the house to do some shopping while Josh stayed with her.
I need to get out of the house by myself every now and again!

So here's a photo dump of our week!

*don't worry - the blender was unplugged*

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend!
Here's to a new week filled with new surprises and adventures! 

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