February 7, 2013

My Girly Girl

Last night Josh took Viv and I to the mall so that we could get out of the house and hang out all together. 
While I was in a store trying some things on Josh called in to me that he was going to take Viv to the toy store next door.
When I came out of the dressing room, they had come back already and Viv was holding this Rapunzel barbie doll and had the absolute biggest smile on her face.
Earlier in the week while we were at a friend's house Viv discovered barbie's and there was no going back from there. 
Josh said that when she saw the aisle of barbie's in the toy store her face lit up and she got so giddy and kept exclaiming to him and showing him all of them. 
So of course, being the softy that he is, couldn't say no to her and bought her her very first barbie! 
(Not that I probably could have resisted her charm either, hehe.)

I love this life that we have.
This girly, pink-filled joyful life.
Having daughters has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl myself and now I'm finally getting to experience the life of having girls.
Growing up with all brothers was fun - I played in the mud and caught frogs with my bare hands more often than I played with dolls (not that I would mind if my girls did that stuff too).
I can already tell that Viv is going to be an extra girly-girl. 
She is drawn to anything and everything that is pink, has sparkles or has any kind of hair to brush.
Her most favorite thing to do is to play with her dolls.
She dresses them up, she gives them pretend food, gives them baths, and acts like a little mommy to them.
She calls them by their names and carries them all over the house all day long. 
She also loves to dress up.
She will have me pick her up so that she can pick out dresses from her closet and we will spend whole afternoons trying on different dresses and shoes.
She dances around and smiles while admiring her outfits and accessories. 

I love my little girl to pieces.
She is my dream and every day I'm so thankful that she is mine.
Life is getting so much more fun as she gets older and I can't wait for all of the stages we're going to go through with her, Penelope and any other children that we're blessed with. 

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  1. That's so cute to watch them playing dolls.

    By the way, I stumbled upon your blog through Mama Style Link Up.
    I hope you can visit my blog and if you'd like we can follow each other.