February 23, 2013

Pregnancy #2: 25 Weeks

Oh Penny, 
You're such a joy to us already.
Every single day we fall more in love with you and we count down the days until we see your beautiful face.
I've been calling you "Ellie" lately and I think that's going to always be my special name for you - it just fits.
Yesterday my mama felt you kicking around and that was so special. 
You keep growing every day and I'm finally starting to really feel "pregnant".
Every day I dream of your tiny face and fingers and can't wait to breathe in your baby smells.
Your big sister Viv is going to be so good with you; I just know. 
She's too young to know that you're inside of me but boy does she love other little babies!
She loves to rock her dollies to sleep, sing them songs, feed them and care for them so I know that she is going to be the same way with you.
You and Viv are going to be the very best of friends.
I am so thankful every single day that I am blessed with the joy of being Mama to you girls.
I can't think of another thing that I would rather do than to raise you and love you.
I pray for you every day and thank God for your life and your beautiful soul.
We only have about 100 days left until you're here with us and that's really not very long at all!
We're getting ready for you and preparing your special things and it makes the time go by so fast.
I can't wait to hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep in our bed.
I can't wait to see your daddy's face when he holds you for the first time and kisses your tiny head.
You're so very lucky to have him as your Daddy.
He is the sweetest, most loving man and he adores his girls more than anything else on this earth.
He tells me every day how much he loves you and how he is so thankful for another perfect daughter.
You are so cherished little Ellie.
You are going to have a big life.

Thank you Jesus for these girls! 

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