February 1, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 22

I really can't fathom how another week has gone by.
In my "new year's resolution" to keep busy and active I am kind of shocked how fast the days go by when I'm making sure we do something fun everyday (even if it's very small). 
I was stuck in such a rut for so long after having Viv where I just wanted to stay home a lot because it was easier - but this keeping busy thing is pretty great! 
I'm sitting here with Viv eating our strawberries and english muffins and we're looking out the window at a heavy snowfall. 
Just the day before yesterday I had all the windows open and we were wearing skirts without tights!
This weather is really starting to bum me out with all the springtime fake-outs we've been having. 

Okay...week 22...here we go...

( All photos taken by the lovely Caitlin McGrath!) 

Her size: She is about the size of a papaya! Approximately 11 inches and 13 ounces! 

How far along: 22 weeks 

Total weight gain: Well, I had gained a pound or two but now I'm back down about 4 pounds...but my weight always fluctuates so much that I'll just wait and see what the doctor says next time. 

Sleep: Still pretty good. I sleep about 7 hours every night but that's just because I don't go to bed until late every night. 

Maternity clothes: None yet but I've been debating on ordering a pair from Gap...but seriously, 80 bucks for a pair of jeans I won't be wearing for long? I don't know if I can swing that...but it does seem like I'm always pregnant so maybe it's a good investment...ha ha ha....

Cravings: Iced coffee's this week! Ugh, so bad! 

Aversions: Nothing! 

Symptoms I have: Let's make a list...Leg cramps, very frequent peeing, Braxton Hicks (already?!?!?), and I drop everything that I touch...I'm starting to really, really feel pregnant now. 

Doctor's appointment: I actually have forgotten when my next appointment is because, oh yeah, I have baby brain, but I think it's the week  of Valentine's Day but I think I will call and make sure exactly. 

Movement: Tons! She is still always stretching and rolling around. They say she's in the stage where she should be sleeping 12-14 hours a day but I really don't think she sleeps AT ALL! 

Belly button: No change. 

Best moment of the week: Going out for coffee with two of my pregnant girlfriends and talking about babies and pregnancies for like 5 hours straight. One of the girls' husbands stayed with Josh and helped him watch Viv - we didn't realize how late it was getting and by the time it was almost midnight I think they thought that we were gone forever. But seriously, girl time is so good for the soul. 

Looking forward to: Viv's birthday Sunday!! It also happens to be the same day as the Super Bowl and we have a big party to go to which means...tons of food to help me drown the sorrows of my baby girls turning ONE YEAR OLD! 

What I miss: Being able to wear whatever I want. It's still fun to have a little bit of a styling challenge with my wardrobe but I miss not having to pick and choose what fits well or not. And this is only the beginning...

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