February 16, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 24

I don't think that I can wear dark colored clothes anymore.
I'm too ready for spring and too over winter and wearing bright colors just makes me feel a little happier!
I meant to do this post yesterday but Viv and I went out on a date in the morning and then my mom came for the afternoon so I didn't really have time. 
I can't wait to get my new camera all figured out so I can start using it!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. 
Josh had school for a lot of the day but during one of his breaks he came home and took Viv out for a special lunch at one of our favorite places.
He gave us girls some roses (one for Penny too) and I gave him a big bag of treats and fun things.
I made Viv a little basket too with a new book, some new clothes and some other little fun things. 
I'm all about celebrating and making every holiday special - it's so fun to surprise my loves with little things.

Her Size: She is about 12 inches and approximately 14 ounces! They say that she is about the size of a canteloupe right now, which is a little weird to think about because I just cut one up for breakfast this morning and it didn't seem very big! 

How Far Along: 24 weeks! I feel like I've been pregnant for long! 

Total Weight Gain: About 4 pounds. But I lost 12 at the beginning of my pregnancy so I'm still gaining that back. I really feel like I'm not gaining as much this time as I did with Viv - my belly is also a lot smaller than it was with her at this time if you look at pictures. I'm so curious to see if Penny is going to be huge like Viv or a little more petite. 

Sleep: Great! Now that we're not sick anymore I've been sleeping so soundly. After I fall asleep at night I don't really wake up at all until about 9 am and Viv usually still sleeps until 10! 

Maternity Clothes: None. Like I said last week, I'm trying to go this whole pregnancy without any maternity clothes. I think it's going to be really easy - dressing a bump is so much fun and not as hard as people make it seem. Lots of maxi dresses this spring! 

Cravings: Smoothies, fresh pineapple, apples

Aversions: None! 

Symptoms I Have: I haven't really had any this week. No leg cramps or anything! I'll take it though!

Doctor's Appointment: I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Just the normal routine monthly visit: weight, measure, heartbeat. I love these appointments because the office is one minute down the street and I'm usually home from the entire visit within 20 minutes! This coming Tuesday I have my glucose blood test - ugh, the worst...but maybe I should stop eating all this Valentine candy that's sitting around here. 

Movement: She is still literally moving around all day long and all night. I don't think that she ever sleeps! I feel every little movement from her but I love it so much. Josh always loves to feel her move and talk to her.

Best Moment of the Week: Kicking our virus in the butt! We're finally better (well, Viv still had a little bit of a runny nose) and we're so happy to be well again! 

Looking Forward To: Florida, Easter, Spring, PENNY! I think these things will consistently all be the same . 

What I Miss: Nothing! I love being pregnant, I love raising babies, I love the lifestyle we life and I love all of the changes that come with our life. I'm the kind of person who loves to always be changing, evolving and moving. I like new things and take everything as an exciting new adventure. 

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