February 10, 2013

Vivienne: 12 Months

How is it that every time I turn around my baby is another month old?!
I forgot to do this post since I had done a bunch about her birthday but I didn't want to skip her last monthly update!
I will definitely keep doing these kinds of updates but probably will just do one every couple months instead of one per month.

This last month before Viv turned one have been the most full of growing and learning so far.
It's so amazing to see how rapidly such a tiny person can learn so many things so quickly.
There are so many things that Viv picks up on and copies even though she's only seen it done one time.
She will copy things that you say and copy things that other kids do.
She loves to learn and fill up her little brain! 

Lately words are getting easier for her to say and she loves to copy things that you say to her.
She is babbling all day long and sometimes she'll say a few words mixed in with her babbles and I have to do a double-take because I can't believe that she's really forming words!
She says things like "Daddy go?" when Josh leaves for work and looks at me so confused at why he has to leave. 
She says "jugee Mama!" when she wants juice and she runs to the fridge, opens the door and picks what she wants to drink.
She calls her doll Meagan "Mennin" and pretends to change her diaper and change her clothes.

Speaking of her dolls, she is obsessed with her babies.
She has 5 dolls that are her very favorite and she always has at least one in her arms at any given time.
She is the best little mommy too! 
She will put her babies in her swing and rock them while singing them soft little songs.
She brushes their hair and walks them around the house on her scooter.
I just know that she is going to love her baby sister so much! 
We babysat two of my friends little girls last week and one of the girls is only 7 months old -  Viv wanted to hold and rock her in her arms the entire time she was here. It was the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life!

Over the past few weeks Viv's been teething molars like crazy!
Right now she has popped 4 of them out and is discovering how to chew her food with them.
It's been pretty scary though because she's shoving food so far back in her mouth to chew with her new teeth that she's been choking a lot - ugh worst nightmare!

She's still sleeping all through the night from about 9/10pm-10am every night.
I love that she sleeps through the night so well but I just wish that we could easily wean her from co-sleeping before the new baby comes. I'm afraid we're going to be in for some big troubles with our sleeping routines once Penny is born - worse than just having a newborn.
She is still nursing to get to sleep but that's the only time.
We sometimes go all day long without nursing and then only for a few minutes to get to sleep.
I'm so thankful that we made it to the one year mark with breast feeding. 
I know she won't be nursing for much longer and I'm okay with that.
Soon I'll have Penny to nurse and it will be so much easier if Viv isn't anymore.

We've been doing a lot of crafting projects lately now that Viv is older and can concentrate a little better. I have some exciting plans for a new feature coming soon to the blog with lots of hands-on toddler projects! 
Viv loves to be a part of a project or activity.
She loves to help and gets so excited when we include her in even small things like sweeping the floor.
She loves following direction and loves the positive reinforcement that comes along with doing something correctly.
She thrives off of positive energy and I've noticed that on days where I am upbeat and very energetic that we don't have tantrums or any bad attitudes from her. 
We try to keep our home very light and fun.
We always are singing and dancing and acting silly and Viv just beams.
I'm so thankful for Joshua and his fun-loving spirit - between him and I Viv probably thinks we're pretty nuts but I know she loves how silly we are.

Going places anywhere outside the house is still her favorite thing to do.
I really cannot wait until the weather gets warm and we can go back to being outside all the time.
Viv loves when we go anywhere though.
At the mall the other day we gave her a special backpack that she can wear that has a leash (ugh I don't like calling it a leash) attached to it so she can run around but still be close to us. She didn't even know she was wearing it and was so excited that we weren't constantly picking her up and carrying her.
She will pick out a pair of shoes, go to the front door and hit the door and say "go!" when she wants to go somewhere. I always feels bad during the times that we can't really go anywhere and we can't just go outside and play.
We only have 4 weeks until we go to Florida so I'm just counting the days for her sake!
We have a condo right on the beach so we can take her to the beach all day everyday and just let her play until she's tired out!
It's going to be so perfect!

I still can't believe that my first baby is already a year old.
It seems like it was so recent that we were bringing her home from the hospital and now we're preparing to do this whole thing over again with our second daughter!
It's crazy how life works sometimes.
This past year has been the best year of our lives and I can't wait for all of the wonders and adventures that this year is going to bring to our little growing family!

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