February 7, 2013

Viv's First Birthday: Party #1

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For months we had been planning on having Viv's birthday party closer to Valentines Day rather than the weekend of her actual birthday. On Friday night I was on the phone with my mom and she said that she wanted to come out the next morning to see Viv and I and by the end of our conversation we had decided to have the whole immediate family come and we could just celebrate Viv's birthday then. 
I was feeling a little guilty that we weren't giving her a party on her birthday weekend anyway so it worked out perfect! 
So, I quick made dinner and got Viv ready for bed and then ran to the dollar store to frantically grab a few things to decorate with!
I grabbed just about everything that was for Valentines Day or either red/pink because I already had the paper goods and they were Valentines themed so I decided to just go with that just a little earlier than planned.
The next morning I rushed around like a wild woman putting up a few decorations and making food and her cake.
It was really crazy and really the most last second party ever.
I'm so happy with how everything turned out though and wouldn't change anything even if I did end up giving myself weeks to plan and prepare!
So on Saturday afternoon we had my parents and brothers out and on Sunday we had Josh's family over for a party after church.
Our apartment is so small that it's hard to fit many people inside at one time so it ended up being easier just having two small parties instead of one.
I threw everything together in about 8 hours and spent less than $30 for everything (not including the food).
All in all it was probably the best weekend ever!
It was a little surreal to be throwing my first child her first birthday party but I was so busy that I didn't get too emotional like I thought I would.
We were so filled with excitement all weekend and just had so much fun!

As you probably know from the past, we cannot get a good picture of the three of us together. 
I can't imagine how much more awful it's going to be once we have a fourth person to try and get to look at the camera! 

And to end the night...
naked time!

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