March 1, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 26

I had another maternity photo shoot with my lovely friend Caitlin this week and it was just so hard for me to decide which pictures to post from it! 
Cait is so much fun to work with and I just am so thankful for her offering to do this fun little series! 
The day we had our shoot it was a whopping 50 degrees and sunny outside and it felt so wonderful!
After so many months of weather in the 30s and below, 50 degrees felt like fresh springtime.
It did my soul so much good to traipse around the woods for an hour without freezing to death. 

This outfit was a pregnant women's dream.
Dressing this baby bump is starting to become a bit more challenging but I'm loving it.
I think I will probably wear this outfit a dozen more times before the baby is born - it was that good.
Here are a couple tips for dressing your baby bump:

1. Elastic waistbands are your best friend - embrace them. I'm not talking yoga pant waistbands or leggings-as-pants waistbands (just say no to those unless you're staying at home all day). I mean elastic waistbands in skirts and dresses! They will be your saving grace when you can't comfortably fit into your favorite jeans anymore and you don't want to look like a frumpy mess. This particular skirt has an elastic waistband and I can wear it under my belly, on my belly, or even over my belly for 3 different styles - there really isn't anything more versatile during pregnancy than an elastic waist maxi skirt.

2.  Layering Tanks. This is probably a super obvious and basic thing that everyone already knows but I think is so important to mention. With a basic layering tank you don't have to worry about that belly popping out from under your regular shirts (because I'm sure you're not only wearing maternity shirts). They're also a great support for your newly acquired "chub". I get all my tanks from Forever 21 for less than $4 each and they come in every color imaginable. 

3. A Flowy Shawl. A flowy shawl or cardigan is perfect for throwing on over a boring tank to dress up a little bit. You still get the comfort of wearing your simple tank but without feeling under-dressed or frumpy. 

My outfit details:
Skirt: Forever 21 (they have a bunch more colors in-store)
Tank: Forever 21 (tunic length is my favorite because they're extra long and provide more belly coverage!)
Shawl: H&M (a few seasons ago)

Thanks again, Cait for more beautiful photos!
You're the best! 


  1. Beautiful Photos! I love your shawl.

  2. stunning photos, as is usual with caitlin :). you look gorgeous! love the shawl and the long skirt. oh, and the ring, of course :).

  3. that outfit and locale is dreamy. excited to watch your belly grow!

    new follower!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for following along, always excited about new friends. xo

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    1. Thanks for following, Melanie! So happy to have you along! xo

  5. Ahh these are GORGEOUS. Love, love, love. So happy to have found your super cute blog + another fellow mama. Newest follower.

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    1. Thank you! So excited you found me - thanks for following our crazy life! xoxo

  6. Thanks so much for sharing at the Baby Shower - look forward to seeing you at this week's party Alice x