April 7, 2013

A New Milestone!

Sooo....this is happening!
I know that just a few posts ago I talked about how Viv (and Joshua and I) weren't ready to stop co-sleeping and that we were just going to wait awhile longer until we started the transition to her sleeping by herself...but guess what guys, I think she's ready!

First off...I didn't really think that a toddler bed was a practical option because she is only 14 months old.
I pretty much just dismissed that option and thought that if we were going to wean her of co-sleeping that she would have to go in a crib. 
Well, last week when my brother and sister-in-law stayed with us, they stayed in Viv's room and when they set up their bed Viv was obsessed!
She thought it was the coolest thing that there was a bed in her room!
That's when it hit me that "Oh my gosh, I think she's ready for a toddler bed!"

So this morning I dug out the folder of "kid thing instructions" and had Josh turn the crib into a toddler bed!
I originally was just going to buy a new toddler bed and leave the crib as it was for when Penelope was old enough to use it but I figured that we already have so much to buy for the baby that we'll just worry about a new crib when the time comes that Penny outgrows her bassinet. 
Plus we don't really have any space at all to have a crib AND toddler bed set up at the same time.
So this afternoon we went to Target and let Viv pick out some brand new "big girl" bedding and an adorable night light (I wanted to save her beautiful crib bedding set for Penny since it barely got any use and I just love it so much). 
We also got a guard rail to attach when I'm not laying in bed with her!

As soon as we got the bed all set up and cozy, Viv ran to it and snugged right under the covers and pretended to go to sleep!
She is so adorable and will get her babies and her books and put them in her bed and sit there and read - my heart seriously melts to see my baby grow up so!
I think that by transitioning her and treating her as a big girl rather than a baby is going to make this change a lot easier for us all. 
Viv is such an independent girl and if she thinks that something is her idea then it makes things a lot easier.
So, tonight is going to be our first night trying out her sleeping alone!
Her room is right next to ours and I've moved everything around so that there aren't any hazards that she could find in the night should she wake up and we don't hear her. 

Josh is giving her a bath right now and after that is her teeth brushing, story time and then sleepy time! 
I'll be doing updates to document how she's doing with this new big milestone and I hope that everything goes smoothly!
I'll be happy if I even just get a few hours of sleep without her in our bed kicking my belly! 

^^^pretending to be sleeping!^^^

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weekend! 

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