April 28, 2013

Zoo Day!

A few days ago we woke up early and the sun was shining so bright through our bedroom windows that we all were just so motivated and ready for the new day. 
Josh didn't have class until later in the day so he excitedly yelled "Let's go to the zoo!!" and of course I would never say no to a trip to the zoo!
So we got up, threw on some clothes, and packed lunch and we were off to enjoy the gorgeous (and pretty warm) day together!

We hadn't been to the zoo since last July when Viv was only 5 months old so this time was a whole new experience for us all.
She had SO much fun and was so interested in all the animals (and of course all the other kids that were there).
She ran around the whole time with her bright blue eyes shining so bright and wide - her smile never leaving her face.
We happened to be there on the same morning that the zoo was holding a press conference with the mayor of Rochester to announce the birth of two new lion cubs! 
That was super exciting and all the local news crews were there! 

It's crazy what a difference only 9 months makes! 
And to think that next time we go to the zoo we'll have a new baby to take along with us! 

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