May 2, 2013

Her soul

Vivienne is our fearless adventurer. 
She looks at life with such determination and confidence. 
There is never a moment that she questions whether or not she can accomplish the things that she wants to accomplish. 
She tries and if she fails she gets right back up and tries again.
Her knees and elbows show life in their scrapes and little bruises.

I am envious of her courage and bravery.
I think I can count on my two hands the times that she has put up a fuss about going somewhere or doing something in her entire life.

She is always, always up for an adventure - no matter how small it may be.
She looks at everything we do as something positive and new.
She inspires me every day. 
She inspires me to be brave.
She inspires me to look ahead with excitement.
She inspires me to keep persevering even when things may not be so easy.

This tiny little person reminds me every day to be strong...
to look at the world with her eyes and see the beauty all around.  

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