May 14, 2013

Last Week Was A Blur

Last week was a blur of adventures outside in the sun, LOTS of work on the apartment and getting things ready for the baby, lots of visiting family, and just a whole lot of love. 
I decided not to stress about blogging and actually cut out using the internet a lot and just enjoyed the week without the extra interruptions. 
I still have hundreds of photos on my camera from the week which never happens - I try and make sure I get them uploaded by the end of every week so that they don't pile up.
We switched around the bedrooms of our apartment and got things settled for Penny to come.
I think that we're pretty much ready for her!
I need to pack up all my winter clothes so that I can make room in my closet for some extra storage but that about the only project I have left to do! 
Oh, and did I mention that I'm being induced on May 30th?!
That's only 16 days away!!
So, I'll probably be really lazy at posting since we're really just soaking up these last few weeks as a family of three and making sure that Viv gets some extra special treatment! 

Oh, and on another fun note...
There is a possibility that we're going to be moving to the Buffalo area in the next few months instead of DC!
Josh still has a big test to take for a job in DC but honestly, I think it's looking more like Buffalo is going to be our next adventure! 
I'm a little hesitant to want to move back so close to where I grew up because I like new adventures and was looking forward to a new life in a new state...but we would be SO close to my parents! 
Josh would be starting his Master's there and if we can find some kind of a job soon we'll be moving out there for sure! 
We even found an absolutely adorable house for sale at an amazing price and I'm really trying just not to think about it at all because I don't want to get my hopes up. 
But it looks like God is putting things into place for our life and I can't wait to see how things change and where we end up but I'm open for whatever happens! 

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  1. May 30th?!! Oh myyy!

    And I wouldn't hate if you guys moved to Buffalo... then I would have a friend to adventure with when I'm out that way! ;) Either way, it sounds like a loooot of excitement coming up for you guys!