May 25, 2013

Pregnancy #2: 38 weeks!

Oh my, I feel like I'm constantly doing these weekly updates! 
Only a few more weeks to go though!
I'll keep this post short and sweet though, I promise. 

So, good news!
I no longer have Polyhydramnios! 
My fluid levels are back to normal and so we don't have to induce next week!
I'm so, so excited about this!
Now I don't have to worry about any delivery risks that can be caused from Poly, I don't need to be induced a week before my due date, and I just don't have to stress!

Other exciting news...
I really, really thought I was in labor last night.
Like full blown cramping and steady contractions!
I felt in my heart though that it really wasn't labor and didn't panic.
I took my time putting Viv to sleep and then clean the house just in case!
I packed all my clothes and toiletries and straightened my hair but still I wasn't *really* feeling like it was for real. 
Josh and I hung out and then just went to bed like normal.
Josh said he woke up all throughout the night to check on me to make sure my water hadn't broke - so cute!
Anyway, I woke up this morning and have been feeling normal all day so I guess it was just a false alarm.

I'm so ready to have this baby and have her home with us. 
My belly is getting so big and it's just so uncomfortable to do little every day things. 
I think that this week calls for a pedicure, lots of spicy food, and a lot of walking to see if we can get this baby moving!
If I don't go into natural labor by my due date (June 7th) then my doctor really suggests that we induce that day because of how big she's measuring. 
So, I know I can at least hold out until then!

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