May 5, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 35

I seriously can't believe that I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby!
I feel like this pregnancy is taking so long but at the same time, I can't believe how soon we're going to be welcoming a new baby into the family. 

Last Wednesday I had an ultrasound to check my fluid levels and unfortunately they're still elevated.
The good thing though is that Penny is in position and it's super unlikely that it would even be possible to change positions since she is so heavy and so far down already....
so that means that I don't really have to worry about anything for delivery because of the polyhydramnios!
I guess they really only worry if delivery time comes and baby is not in positon - then that can cause a lot of complications.
So this means that we won't have to do a 38 week induction! Hurray!

Wednesday I also had an NST at the hospital and was able to do all the paperwork needed for the hospital so I won't have to worry about any of that come labor time. 
So that's one more thing I don't have to think about.
This coming Wednesday I have an appointment with my OB and another NST and also an internal exam to see how things are going. Fun, fun.

This week I'm doing some major nesting around the apartment and am determined to get things all done and ready for the baby.
My mom is coming out to help me and we're going to paint the nursery white and move our bedroom into that room since it's a whole lot smaller than our current bedroom and put the girls' room in what is now our bedroom.
I was hesitant on doing such a big change since we probably won't be living in this apartment for longer than the summer but I really want to have things fresh and new before Penny is born.
The girls' really need a bigger space than the room that they have now so the bigger bedroom will be perfect for all the toys, toddler bed and the rest of the furniture. 

I really want to paint the kitchen white so that I feel fresh and clean - it's pretty small and really would only take an hour or two to slap on a few white coats.
I just have to get motivated.
All we've been wanting to do lately is spend all of the daylight hours playing outside! 

Her Size: She is SO big! On Wednesday they estimated that she was almost 6 pounds! So that means if she keeps growing at this rate she'll most likely be in the 9 pound range if I go until 40 weeks! Viv was 9lb6oz so I won't be surprised to have another that size.

How Far Along: 35 weeks 3 days. Almost full-term! Woah! 

Total Weight Gain: I'm thinking that I'm up about 23 pounds though that's not an exact guess. My face is starting to get chubbier and my belly is getting seriously huge - so I'm definitely gaining. I can't wait to be done and start losing!  

Sleep: I don't even want to talk about sleep. Ugh. This week has been awful. I've had to pee about 4-5 times per night and we're also trying really hard to get Viv weaned from nursing. Every night for the past 5 days she has been waking up around 4am and will scream bloody murder because I won't nurse her back to sleep. We were planning on just nursing her through until Penny comes but my body is preparing for the new baby and it's starting to get extremely painful to nurse. Also, every time Viv does nurse I get really intense contractions that I know are more than just Braxton Hicks and that's scaring me a little bit. I'm just hoping that Viv learns soon that she can't nurse in the middle of the night anymore because I need sleep!

Maternity Clothes: Just one pair of jeggings. All my other clothes are starting not to fit very comfortably and I'm running out of outfit options! 

Cravings: vanilla custard ice cream still, blue raspberry slush puppies ( so bad, I know!)

Aversions: I haven't had any aversions this whole pregnancy but I haven't had much of an appetite lately at all. It's hard to get anything down lately just because I don't feel hungry at all. Penny is just taking up so much space! 

Symptoms I Have: Braxton Hicks, definite labor contractions though nothing serious yet (let's hope it stays that way for a few more weeks), heartburn like crazy at night.

Doctor's Appointment: I have one this week and she's going to do a cervix check because of all my contractions and also it's time for the group b strep test.

Movement: She's still a crazy little lady. She's constantly moving around and I just love it so much! She gets most active if Viv is talking to us or crying. It's like she knows that there's another little person out here and she just wants to meet her! 

Best Moment of the Week: Our ultrasound! Seeing her chubby little cheeks and lips was the best thing ever! 

Looking Forward To: Getting all the projects around the apartment finished and getting everything settled and ready for Penny to come! I just cannot wait to have her here with's all I can think about. 

What I Miss: Being thin and in shape, running and chasing Viv around and being able to hold her tight and close to me, not having to pee every single second of my life, not having a constant waddle to my walk. 

Okay, I just have to add this random photo of Joshua and I because I love it so much.
We were out for a walk when he randomly stopped and said:
"Let's take some pictures of us in love and kissing."
I love him and his spirit so much. 

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