June 21, 2013

Our First Week with 2 Under 2.

We've officially been home with Penny for a week now (over a week actually) and I think we've finally settled into the swing of life. 
Bringing a new baby home is hard enough - then try bringing home a new baby AND getting your toddlers approval. Oy.
I shouldn't be too hard on Viv though because she really has been so amazing through all of these changes. 
When we brought Penny home Viv was exhausted from staying with her grandma's and sleeping without us for the first time so she was a little emotional.
It took one or two days for her to really realize how gentle and kind she needs to be when she's around Penny but now that she's learned things have been much easier.
Viv is obsessed with her baby sister and it really is the most heartwarming thing I've ever experienced in my life.
Every morning she runs over to Penny's bed and makes sure that she's okay and that she's still there.
She is always giving her tiny soft kisses and holding her hand.
My mom was over the other day and she was on the phone talking loud and Viv ran to Penny's bassinet where she was sleeping and kept putting her finger to her lip saying "shh!!" to my mom. 
So adorable!
She is always bringing me Penny's blankets, socks and even trying to help me when I change her diaper. 
She really hasn't been naughty around Penny yet or done anything bad (other than playfully pull on her toes sometimes) so I'm thankful for that. 
She has really stepped into the "big sister" role and is acting so much more mature and old - it kind of makes me sad that I never see any baby in her anymore.

Penny is the best baby I could have ever asked for.
She is quiet, yet observant. 
She takes everything in and just soaks up all the love we give to her.
I can't wait to see how her personality now blossoms as she gets older.
I have a feeling that she isn't going to be anything like a wild and crazy Viv. 
The first few nights were hard just trying to get her to adjust to life outside the womb.
I was so sleep deprived and looked like a zombie by the third morning. 
After that though she has settled in to a nice routine and now only wakes up every 3-4 hours to nurse!
At her well-visit to the doctor on Monday she had already gained more than a half a pound in only 5 days!
She no longer fits in newborn clothes or diapers.
So, I guess she is eating great, hehe.
Nursing is going fantastic too and I think I can thank extended breastfeeding with Viv for that.
I was already so used to nursing that I didn't have any blistering or anything like I did when I started bf'ing for the first time with Viv. 
Thank you Jesus!
Penny is peaceful and content just lying in her bassinet on her play pen or in her bouncy seat listening to all the sounds of the house.
We are so in love with her and so excited to have another life in the family to make things even more fun.

Josh has had to work a lot this week which has been hard.
Until we're able to afford a double stroller I'm pretty much stuck in the house all day while he is at work and that's the hardest thing for Viv.
Right now we're in the middle of a 16-hour day with him gone and even though it's going surprising well, we're still starting to feel cooped up.
With only one vehicle and no yard to go outside and play in it kind of leaves us with a huge opportunity for boredom and tantrums.
We have a pretty fun weekend planned so if we can just get through the rest of today then we'll (hopefully) be golden.

*she has a stork bite (birth mark) on her right eyelid that I think is just so cute*

When we actually do get out of the house it's been a lot easier than I anticipated (though I haven't braved the world without Josh yet).
We've gone to a different park every night this week!
My grandparents gifted me with a Sakura Bloom ring sling and it's definitely the best baby product that we own!
It's so easy to use and I get to have my baby close to me while still being able to do fun things.
Penny loves it too - she goes to sleep every time she's in it!

It's amazing to not be pregnant anymore. 
I forgot what it was like to have energy and to be able to run and chase Viv! 
I'm thinking it will definitely be a few years before we think about any more babies - I can't imagine being pregnant again.
Though I'm sure that as soon as Penny is walking around that baby fever will kick in again and I won't even remember all of my previous pregnancy woes. 

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