June 17, 2013

Penny's Birth Story

Okay, where to begin...
Penny's birth was a whirlwind.
Everything happened so fast that I literally didn't even have time to comprehend what was happening.
Her birth was as completely opposite as Viv's birth as anything could ever be. 
So...anyway, here we go!

Tuesday (6/11) afternoon I was getting ready to head to my OB's office for my weekly appointment.
Josh had just walked in the door from being out of town for something and he wasn't supposed to be home until 4 or 5 so that was a surprise to have him show up early! 
As I was getting ready to head out the door for my appointment I got a call from the hospital saying that if I came in right that moment they had a room open and I could come in for my induction (that had been planned but cancelled due to the hospital being so busy the weekend before)!!
Without even thinking I said "we'll be right there!" 
We quick called Josh's mom and she came over and got Viv right away, we threw our hospital bags together and flew out the door. 
**I think it was pretty providential because my house was clean and I had just shaved my legs**
We arrived at the hospital at 2pm.
By the time we got all checked in, did all my vitals, and even got into a gown it was 3:30pm.
At that point I also got my first (of two) doses of penicillin to treat my GBS. 
The nurse checked my cervix and I was 6cm dilated and 60% effaced (before starting the induction).
So basically, all we had to do was get my cervix to efface just a little bit more and we were golden.
By 4:15pm I was finally hooked up to the lowest dose of pitocin possible. 
I sat and rocked in a rocking chair to help speed up the effacement of my cervix.
I was having a ton of contractions after getting my pitocin but they were never stronger than any Braxton Hicks I got through my pregnancy! 
At some point my mom got there and hung out with us.
At 7pm they came in and gave me my second dose of penicillin and said they would be back in 30 minutes to check my cervix.
At 7:30pm the nurse came in, broke my water and before she was even done I started having the most intense contractions. 
At 8:05pm they came in to give me my epidural (I know, I'm the biggest baby ever and had to have the epi after only a half hour of painful contractions) and it wasn't until about 8:45pm that it started to relieve the pain.
**if you can have a baby without an epidural, you're awesome...but it's not for me**
All I could feel was intense pressure baring down and my right butt cheek got a killer cramp.
The doctors came in and said I was probably ready to push! 
At 9:10pm I started pushing...
I pushed once and I heard the doctor say: "stop! I need to get my gown on!"
All I could think was "holy crap I'm so not ready for this baby to be born so fast!"
I pushed two or three more times and my sweet little Penny Darling was born into the world!

I was up walking around, drinking a Starbucks green tea frappe, and showering within a few hours of her birth - I kept feeling like I was going to wake up from a dream and still be pregnant!
I still feel like I'm dreaming.
The whole experience was so fast and so surreal.
I keep thanking God for such a wonderful experience because it has made taking care of my wild toddler so much less stressful than if I had a traumatic birth like I had with Viv.
I think that God definitely makes birth easier the second time for that very reason...so mother's are able to jump right back into the routine of their other children. 

We are so in love with our sweet little dark haired girl.
Viv is absolutely smitten with her and loves and takes care of her like such a big girl.
We're quickly adjusting to life with two babies and I'm loving every minute!


  1. so glad that it was such a smooth delivery!
    and that your sweet little lady is finally here!

  2. Oh massive congratulations - so glad it went so well. She's absolutely adorable - Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx