July 22, 2013

National Ice Cream Day!

Yesterday was National Ice Cream day!
Though it's ice cream day every day in our house - oops!
When Josh got home from work I told him about the "holiday" because I can never miss a chance to go out for ice cream!
It was his idea to go for frozen yogurt, so we jumped in the car and zipped out to a new froyo place. 

I'm pretty sure froyo bars are Viv's favorite places. 
She runs around pointing to toppings and different flavors. 
This time we got her her very own (she usually never eats enough to get her own) and of course she picked all the pink flavors, sprinkles, strawberries and bobas. 
She is too cute to handle! 

We went to a place we had never been before and it wasn't as up to par as the place that I like to go to on the other side of the city - but it was still so much fun!

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