July 11, 2013

Our Fourth of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. 
On Wednesday night (the 3rd) Josh and I put the girls to bed and watched the fireworks in town from our living room window. 
We ate ice cream and talked about our past 4th of July's spent together and talked about the girls and just enjoyed each other's company. 
On Thursday Josh had to work in the morning so I took the girls to the store and we got some supplies to make a dessert for a party we were going to that afternoon.
Viv helped me and we spent the afternoon hollowing out 6 pounds of strawberries and stuffing them with cheesecake.
We danced and picked out outfits to wear.
When Josh got home at 3 we got ready and headed to our friend's lake house for a big party with some family and close friends.
It was a wonderful time of watching the kids all play, eating delicious food and spending the evening in the company of some beautiful people. 

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