July 12, 2013

Penny: 1 Month!

I can't believe that our sweet Penny Darling is one month old already!
Time definitely seems to steal away faster when you have two kids than when there's just one. 
We have had such a wonderful month getting to know our new girl.
She is so different from Viv in every way.
She has the sweetest and most calm personality that you'll ever meet.
She spends the days so content and so peaceful.
She stares at the world with her big dark blue eyes and you know that she is okay with this new experience that is life.
You can take her anywhere and she is okay with it - I think she knows already that she can trust us and she doesn't need to be scared.
She fusses but only if she's hungry or just needs her mama's arms to hold her.
She is an expert breast feeder and has been sleeping 10-12 hours every night since we brought her home from the hospital. 
I nurse her one or two times during the night but she usually sleeps right through that even.
When she needs to be changed in the night I can change her and she doesn't even wake up. 
She is the dreamiest daughter you could ever ask for. 
She is always wanting to snuggle with me and I love that I have a cuddly baby!

We've been co-sleeping with her even though at first I didn't want to.
Viv is now sleeping on her crib mattress next to our bed and she's still sleeping 10-12 hours a night as well.
I know that no one wants to hear that our kids sleep that long because it's so rare - but I am thankful and I know that we are extremely blessed! 

Life with two is so much fun.
I am loving watching the relationship between the girls blossom and develop.
Even though she's only a month old, Penny already looks at Viv like she knows who she is and like she loves her. 
Viv adores Penny more than anything else and is always checking on her and helping me do little things for her. 
I can't wait to watch them grow and learn together - it's going to be an amazing life. 

Both the girls are being dedicated at church on Sunday and I am so thankful.
I thank God every single day for these beautiful blessings in our life and am excited to dedicate them to Him. 
Our daughters are the best gifts we could ever ask for.

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