September 5, 2013


(these photos are from July --- Penny is 1.5 months and Viv is 17.5 months)

I don't have any sisters.
I always wished that I had a sister or two but I grew up with four brothers instead. 
My older brother is 9 years older than me and my younger brothers range from 5 years to 9 years younger.
So, I never really had a real close sibling companionship and that's something that I still wish that I had. 
When we decided to get pregnant for the first time, Josh and I both knew that we would want to have our second close after our first. 
We both wanted our children to be close in age (no matter how many children we have) so that they could really grow up together and be best friends. 
We never thought that we would be here today with two beautiful little girls who are only 16 months apart and yet here we are living a wonderful dream. 

Every single day I am so thankful for these two girls. 
These sisters.
I think of how much fun they are going to have together as they grow up - doing everything together.
I think of their sweet little bedroom that they will share.
I think of all the late night talks and giggles they will have.
All of the clothes they will share.
All of the secrets that they will keep.

Already, at such young ages, they are the best of friends.
Viv talks to Penny all day long and Penny coos and smiles back at her big sister.
Viv is forever checking on her baby sissy to make sure everything is alright and that she has everything that she needs.
Penny is truly happiest when Viv is close by or has her arms around her.
It's like it was born into Penny to trust Viv and to love her.
I love seeing their love grow as they do.

These days are so precious to me as I watch my girls grow and interact with each other.
They make me smile and laugh every moment of every day.
There is no joy comparable. 

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