December 1, 2013

Why I Blog

This blog and I have a serious love/hate relationship.
I have months where I love writing and I post regularly and then I have months where I just don't even think about the fact that I have a blog for months. 
The only reason I keep going is because Josh and I love looking back on posts and because everyone in our family reads it. 
I love keeping everyone up to date with life and trying to make everyone feel like they really are in the girls' lives even when they're far away or just too busy to keep up with the little things. 
All of Josh's family (except his parents and brothers) live out of the state and we only get to see them about once a year so it's nice that they're able to see things like Penny's monthly developments, Viv's milestones and stories, and just all of our little adventures together as a family. 

We've been having so much fun inviting friends over for play dates, making new friends, and working on getting settled in the new houe that it's been hard to even think about sitting and writing about our days lately...because they're just so full. 
I don't want this blog to be about sponsors or stats or followers.
That's not what it's for and it was starting to become too much and I wasn't loving it. 
I've been writing for Life with Our Littles and working with a few other companies and blogs and that's where I like to expand. 
The Instagram world is super fun too...I've had so many opportunities come up there and I have been so blessed by the community of women there.
But this blog...this space...
This is a different world.
This isn't a place where I want to feel pressure to write or do projects.
This place is just for our life and the personal things that I choose to share.

From now on I'm going to just use this blog as a scrapbook. 
I don't want this place to be like a diary.
I'm not here to talk about how bad my day was, if my kids didn't sleep last night, if my house is a mess.
I'm here to document the good things in my family's life, to talk about the fun things we did and the happy moments. 
Unless you're a "real-life" friend or family you probably won't be too interested in what I have to say or care about what my kids do, and that's okay.
I'm not here to make anyone happy or to fit into any kind of mold. 
Really, this blog is only here because it takes less time to put posts together than it does to print pictures and make a scrapbook.

I love having a place where we can go to reminisce and remember what we did on certain days, and I love having family tell me how much they love to see the girls growing up. 
I guess I just needed to remind myself why I blog and why I really do love it...most of the time anyway.

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