June 21, 2011


I know it's a little early to want to start nesting but I just can't help it.
We're still looking for a new apartment - without much luck.
We move out of here September 30th which means that by the time we get all of our stuff settled into a new place it's going to be at least mid-October. 
From there it's only a few short months until Baby Day! 
So I've been anxious since I really can't do anything to nest for awhile. 
I've been dreaming and planning though!

Here are some of my favorite *drools* nurseries!

all photos via Pinterest

I adore this blue crib and chandelier ^

 Love the painting and decals! ^

Loving the canopy in this one. ^

I think this is my favorite I've seen so far ^

Love the blue and the flowers ^

This isn't very baby-ish but it's darling. ^

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