June 14, 2011

The Story

So let's get you up to date on the happenings of the past few weeks.

May 22nd:
I had just gotten home from work and was getting ready to go pick Josh up from work. We were having a little birthday party for my mom so I was busy cleaning the house and getting desserts ready. 
side note:
--A week before this while I was at work, one of my co-workers (a wise elderly man) said to one of my other co-workers: "She's pregnant." (referring to me). I began to wonder why out of the blue this guy decided to just say that so adamantly - on the way home I purchased a box of pregnancy tests. --
So, the afternoon of the 22nd while I was cleaning the house I decided to take one of the pregnancy tests. I was late for my period and by this time I really thought that this was it (I've thought I was pregnant numerous times in the past few months). 
Two pink lines!
I was absolutely shocked and started pacing around the house not really knowing what to do or how to react.
I plunked the little test into a ziploc bag and wrapped it up like a gift and jumped in the car to go pick up Josh.
When he opened his "gift" this is what happened:
"What does this mean? I think you need to translate."
"We're having a baby!"
*Josh gets out of the car, runs into Walmart and buys more pregnancy tests*
I think he finally believed that it was real after I peed on 4 different brands of tests.

When we got home we had to quick calm ourselves down because my family was going to be arriving at any moment - we didn't want them to know right away since we had just found out ourselves.
My mom walked in the door, took one look at us (we were beaming) and knew.
She screamed, cried and jumped for joy. 
I had never seen my mother so jubilant.
My Memaw was just as thrilled.
It was definitely a joyous time.

We couldn't hold it in and went to Josh's parents house that night and told them too.


It's still pretty early
I'm almost 8 weeks along.
When I went to the doctor on Friday everything went perfectly.
Baby is healthy and has a strong, beating heart.
Seeing our baby and hearing his/her heartbeat was the single most amazing moment of my life.


Right now we're looking for a bigger apartment.
It's so tough. Everything we look at is either too small, too old, or too expensive.
I want to look into buying a house but I know that within a few years we will probably be needing to move out of state. 
The most affordable and nice places that we've seen so far is the complex that we're in right now. Their two bedroom apartments are barely more expensive than the one we're in right now and they have all new appliances and light fixturing. It might be the most practical thing to stay here and just move to a bigger building. I can't really accept this thought though. Living here for the past 8 months has been the worst 8 months for living conditions sake. I can't imagine having to raise a baby here. The neighbors are horrible, you can hear every single breath that the neighbors take through the walls and floors. 
We are really wanting to move into town also. That way we can go down to only having to have one vehicle - which would save us alot. 


As for symptoms go:
Every morning I am so sick I can hardly lift my head. I haven't thrown up yet - just nausea. The doctor gave me a prescription for it but I really don't want to take anything. 
I'm always exhausted. I need to nap about 5 times a day. 
Working is horrible - I'm always sick and exhausted. I don't know how I can keep up working full-time.
My breasts hurt so bad that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want to cry.
I've also been very moody - I will bite your head off if you breathe wrong. 

I love being pregnant though. 
I have never felt so much joy inside my heart. 
Josh and I are both thrilled that God has blessed us so incredibly. 
The baby is all we ever talk about. 
It's a wonderful life.

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