August 30, 2011

Baby Girl Style

Now that I know we're having a little girl I am going crazy with wanting to buy her things!
You know this baby is going to be stylin' 
Here's some things that I've been looking at and can now actually buy! 
or at least wish I could buy them...I seem to have very expensive taste.

This winter jacket from Zara is just *too* cute!
Too bad it's 50 bucks though - esp since she could only wear it for about 2 months tops.
Maybe for next winter - she would look kind of funny as a newborn dressed in this too I think ;)

And these boots - are you kidding me?!
How adorable!

These dresses are all from Misha Lulu.
This designer is my favorite and I wish I could get my Little Viv all their darling dresses.

These are so simple and cute from Bobo Choses


  1. Ohmigosh, I'm so excited for you that you're having a girl! I worked in a baby clothes shop this past year, and while there's lots of cute boy stuff, there is TONS more cute girl stuff. :) That first jacket is freaking adorable! But yeah, it's hard to think about spending that much money when you know they'll grow out of it in a few months...

  2. Thanks, Leanna!! I'm so excited - it's going to be way fun having a baby girl! :)