August 29, 2011


Tomorrow we go for my Anatomy Scan! 
I am just bursting at the seams with anticipation! 
I had a dream last night (for the first time!) about our baby - she was a girl and so perfect. I've heard the old wives tale that whatever the sex of your baby is in your dreams is what it is...hmm? 
Hopefully we can find out for sure this time if we have a little daughter or son in there!
Yesterday our little Fabienne (our dachshund-mix puppy) started her first heat.
Now, I don't usually mention her on here but she is our Girl. She is treated like she is our first born.
She has more personality than any other dog I have ever encountered. 
She talks to us, sleeps in between us with her head on her pillow, showers with us - she's darling.
Anyway, Fabs isn't taking her heat too well. She just lays in a little ball and cries. 
I made her a little diaper and she just hates it. 
Last night when we went to bed (for the first time without our girl) she cried.
Now I realize that I am probably being a little dramatic and I can't stand it when people talk about their dogs as if they're humans - but I promise I'm getting to a point!
So, last night as Fabs was crying because we wouldn't let her sleep with us, Josh got up and slept in the Living Room on the couch with her. 
((Here's where I stop being the crazy dog lady and get to the point of the story))
So, in that moment when my husband got up to sleep with the dog I realized what a good father this guy is going to be.
 I was thinking "If he loves our dog SO much that he would sleep on the couch so that she wasn't alone what awesome things is he going to want to do for our child!" 
My husband is such a tender-hearted lover. 
I can see him holding, rocking and kissing our baby. 
If we have a daughter, she is going to be a Daddy's Girl no doubt. Josh is going to love her with such a big love - the kind of love that a little girl needs.
If we have a son, Josh is going to teach him to be a gentleman. 
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful partner in life and even more blessed that we are going to be parents together. 
There is nothing more that I want with my life than to raise a family with my Love. 
Thanks, Honey for being the greatest and only one out there for me. 
I love you. 

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