August 4, 2011

Live Simply

Today I handed my manager my resignment form at work.
I was nervous.
There are only a few people who I work with solely and each of us are vital in keeping the place running smoothly. I felt an awful guilt like I was abandoning my little family. I also felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and instantly felt refreshed because I knew it was the right thing for me.
When I handed my manager, Lydia my paperwork she was shocked. She said "You're leaving us?" 
Her eyes began to well up - as did mine. It was a bittersweet moment. 
Even though my job has been putting more stress on me as ever and I was always unhappy with the way I was treated (by corporate and our store manager) I adore my co-workers and Lydia.  That's the hard part.
Lydia begged me to reconsider - at least until November when I was planning on going on Maternity Leave. 
I told her that I need to focus on being a wife to my husband before I become a mother. I need to love him and care for him with all my time and heart. Work was putting too much stress on both of us and we were becoming weary. My husband is first.

On that note...
As I mentioned yesterday, we're not going to be lively quite as comfortably as we have been with my income involved. So I have been trying to come up with ways that we can save little bits here and there. Since we've been married our schedules have been so fast paced and busy that I let convenience take over, leaving me spending a lot of money on easy food and things that will quickly get whatever job I need done, done. I am so motivated and excited to live as simply as possible and put more time and effort into the things (ex: cooking, cleaning) that I only did because they absolutely had to get done - and fast. 
Small ways I'm planning to start saving:
-have one vehicle
-use the library instead of buying books or renting/going to the movies 
-pack Josh's lunch everyday instead of eating out
- ride a bike or walk (at least until winter)
- bottle my own water (no more buying water)
- Do it yourself. Most things you buy can be made at home. ex: laundry detergent, shampoo
- cut down on how many lights we have on in the house
- take a 10 minute shower instead of 35 minutes
-handwash the dishes instead of running the dishwasher twice a day
- use coupons

I'm really excited.

One other thing just for fun:
The other night while we were looking at our apartment I saw from afar a girl who I used to work with a few years ago. She is the sweetest girl.
When we got home I quick jumped on Facebook and messaged her to see if she lived there and sure enough she does! And not only does she live in the same complex, she lives right below us! What a small world! It'll be fun to know someone who lives there - she has two adorable little babies too. Yay!

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