August 3, 2011

It's Official.

We found an apartment!
I am beyond excited and relieved. 
Just when I thought that we were running out of time and options we found our perfect little home. 
We went and looked at it (actually 3 different apartments at the same place) and signed the application within 20 minutes!
The landlord is way too nice - he let us look through three different apartments in different buildings to pick what we liked best. We chose the largest one available and he is replacing all the fixturing, carpets, closet doors, shower fixtures, etc just for us! He even let us choose if we wanted hardwood flooring (laminate hardwood) or new carpets throughout! How amazing. We chose to go with the wood throughout the main parts of the apartment and carpeting for the 2 bedrooms. The kitchen is brand new - new cupboards and countertops, sink, and even brand new tile flooring! 
The bathroom is pretty oldschool - you know, with a pink tub and all; but I can definitely work with it.

We knew immediately that this was the place for us (and for Baby) and felt at peace because we knew we weren't just settling for something not so nice because we were running out of time. 
I've been praying like crazy that we would be settled soon and it's paid off!
It's right in town so Josh can literally walk to work and school if he wanted to which is wonderful, especially since we only have one vehicle right now. 
The landlord wanted to have it rented by August 1st but seeing as that date is past and they have a lot of renovating to do he said it would be a couple weeks before we can move in. Which is perfect because our lease isn't up here until the end of September - however, we're going to talk to our current landlord and try and work out with her to end our lease Sept 1st instead of the 30th. That way if we get the keys to the new place two weeks from now it will give us some time to paint, clean and just get the place ready for us. 

Oh and did I mention that we're on the second floor too. Here's a little fact about me: I won't live in an apartment that is ground level. Apartment complexes are not one of my favorite places and since we aren't in a place to place a house right now it's really our only option. Since we live in a college town I am terrified that some punk is going to bust in the windows and terrorize us or steal my baby. No ground levels for me! 

On another joyous note:
Tomorrow I am planning to give my boss my two weeks notice. 
Josh and I sat down and had a long talk about me leaving my job and what that will entail for us financially.
We will have to be extra thrifty. No more eating out all the time, going to the movies, stuff like that for awhile.
Right now I just feel like getting our home settled, my health (aka my high blood pressure), and trying to get ready for baby are my top priorities right now. We currently only have one vehicle as my dad is fixing our other car and with Josh starting school in a few weeks plus working 2-3 jobs my driving all the way to the city 5 times a week (25miles each way) is just sucking up gas. We won't be paying for insurance or gas for our second car (we will just let my parents keep it) which is going to save us a lot. Another good thing is that the apartment we just signed for only costs $40 more than the one we're in! We've been planning to spend almost $800 so this is just fantastic - we'll be saving $200 more than what we planned a month.
My hope is to get my blog up and going in a bigger way. If I'm not working all day it's going to be easier for me to do regular posts. I'm praying for growth in this area as I want this blog to be a kind of virtual baby book for our child - or if not just for me and my family. I just need to keep focused.  
I also applied for a one day a week nanny job and the lady wants to meet with me - which would help a little. Only thing is is that I didn't mention I was pregnant - so that might be a downfall if she is looking for long-term care.
I definitely feel God moving and working in our lives so powerfully. 

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