August 2, 2011

breastfeeding, diapers...ah!

So since I'm still waiting to move and be able to start nesting I have been thinking about all the other (thousands?) of things that I need to be thinking about before Baby comes. You know, like breastfeeding, am I going to cloth diaper, finding a good doctor for Baby, etc. I feel like there is so much to think about and not enough time for me to learn everything I need to know about it all before he/she comes.

p.s. we find out the gender in TWO WEEKS!

The two major things I have been thinking about are breastfeeding and to cloth diaper or not.
Let's start with breastfeeding.
I know many people who have chosen not to breastfeed their children. For me, I didn't even need to think about it when I found out I was pregnant. I am so excited to breastfeed. I see it as a mothers last bodily connection to their baby - a special bond only a mother will have with their child. 
I see it as - my breasts are changing throughout the whole 9 months of pregnancy. They're changing with my baby and doing what God  intended them to do. Produce milk. Not only does a mother's milk help Baby grow strong and help with their immune systems and other health related things - it's natural. 
I know that breastfeeding may not be the most comfortable thing for Mom at times but I definitely think it will be absolutely rewarding. 

Next thing I've been thinking about alot:
To cloth diaper or not to cloth diaper.

here are some reasons why I like the idea:
- I wouldn't be contributing to the disposable diaper landfills
- save money 
- I can re-use them when/if we have more babies
- less diaper rashes
- covers come in all sorts of adorable prints and colors 
- It's supposedly easier to potty train children who have used cloth diapers because wetness stays cloe to their skin - unlike with disposables 

Cons to cloth diapering for me:
- unless we buy our own washer and dryer machines it would be a nightmare to take the cloths to the laundromat or use the machines in our apartment complex. 
- Hubs probably appreciate the convenience  and ease of disposables 
- the initial cost to start is alot 
- not easy to travel 

What do you use? Cloth or disposable?


  1. Hey Jordan! (this is val) I just wanted to suggest, that you could totally do cloth diapers AND disposable ones too! My sister does that. Most of the time she uses cloth, but for traveling, and convenience at times (like when we are watching her kids) she does disposable! It seems to work really well for her. And I just wanted to tell you that :]