July 29, 2011


So, my doctor told me that I have very high blood pressure and that he wants to get me on some medication to help with it. 
We discussed things that might be causing it and he decided that it is from stress.
I knew it!
I've been saying how stressed I have been for months and tried to get a hold on it. 
the main causes for my high stress levels:
- my job
- our living situation 
- money
- only having one vehicle

I am SO forever grateful for my adoring husband who helps as best he can to alleviate these problems. I am so blessed with a man who knows when things are wrong and can make me feel better just by being close to me. 

Anyway...all that being said
we are working hard to figure out the direction that our lives are going and we have had some major shifts in our goals. 
Number one right now is the health of our baby. We are working hard to make sure that I am as healthy as I can be both mentally and physically. 

Our second priority is our living situation. We need to be out of our current apartment September 30th. The townhouse that we had lined up for us raised their prices almost $100 to $790 and we just can't justify paying that for what it is. For the past couple months Josh has been talking non-stop about moving to Newfane (where my family lives). They have a huge house and essentially a second house out behind their house. Right now my parents are working on getting a loan so that we can re-do half of the house and add on an addition for us. I've been praying harder than ever that this is going to work out. I was dead-set against moving out there for the longest time but now after praying about it I feel that this is what would be best for us and our baby. We went out there Tuesday-Thursday and talked to my parents about the renovations and did some floor plans, looked into the University of Buffalo for Josh, and even tried to figure out jobs for him. 
The pros to moving to my parents land would be:
- basically live rent-free
- I wouldn't have to work
- we would be near almost my entire family
- our baby would grow up in the church
- Josh would go to a good school that's close by
- we would save money so that in 5 years or so we could buy a house
- we would have a brand new place to live. clean and fresh for the baby

So we're waiting on figuring out the money aspect of it all because the renovations we would be doing will cost almost $40,000. We would be paying that back to my parents by paying a small rent each month. 

Josh and I both are looking for a change in our lives and want to get out of Rochester and into the country. If you know me at all you would be thinking "She wants to live in the country?!". Yeah, crazy I know. Josh has had these ideas for a very long time now and I am letting him lead me and trusting that he knows what is best for our family.  Josh and I both want our baby to grow up simple - we want to raise him/her in the church and are planning on homeschooling. 

With the way we are living now there is no way that I could be a stay-at-home mom anytime soon or even in the next few years. I don't want to have to give my tiny baby up to Daycare and people I don't know. 

It's not like we just came up with this idea overnight. It's something we have been thinking about and praying about constantly for months. Josh especially. We have looked into the details of almost everything. The hardest part I think is going to be the initial transition. If all works out with loans, etc I am going to be back and forth between here and there for the next two months. I won't see Josh hardly at all especially since he is starting school in 3 weeks. The renovation won't be complete by September 30th so we will have to live literally with my family until it's done. 
But like I said, we're praying hard and we'll see what happens. 

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