July 20, 2011


Tomorrow is week 13.
Trimester 2! 
I am so excited.
My first trimester has (and I'm not bragging) been a breeze. 
No morning sickness - nothing.
My worst symptom still has been my moodiness. Just ask my husband about that one. I'm seriously surprised that he hasn't filed for divorce because of it. I even scare myself at times with the venom that can come from my lips. I don't know where it comes from! 
Other than that my headaches have subsided for the most part and all I'm left with is extreme clumsiness and boobs that are a whole cup size bigger than before I was pregnant.
Oh yeah...and don't let me forget about the cravings. Just saying the word makes me want to eat. I've gained 5 pounds so far - which is what I lost during the first few weeks so I don't feel so bad. 

On Monday we went to the doctor for my 12 week checkup. 
During the past few weeks I swear I can feel this baby moving around. I told my doctor and he pretty much said that it was gas. But! When we proceeded with the ultrasound we discovered that Baby loves to squirm around - apparently more than any 12 week baby this doctor has ever seen!
This Mama knows what's up.
I knew that was my baby moving around in there - believe me Doc I can tell the difference between my child and the gas bubbles that I so frequently have been getting.

I've been feeling more and more like we're going to have a little boy
For the longest time I kept saying girl - but I have a feeling in my soul that we are going to be in for a very active little son! I have pretty much stopped thinking of girl names and looking at frilly little dresses. My next appointment is August 17th and that's when we can find out the gender - that is if little Squirmy cooperates and shows us the goods!
Josh's birthday is August 16th and mine is the 21st - so I'm thinkin that if we are in fact able to find out the gender that we will be having ourselves the best birthdays ever!
We're thinking of keeping the gender to ourselves when we find out - not telling anyone.
But you know me - I can't really keep secrets for more than a millisecond!

While I'm writing a boring update post...
here's what's going on with our housing situation.
We have a townhouse in line for the end of September.
The landlord has not returned any of our calls in the past two weeks regarding questions about details that I have. It's making me very nervous and antsy.
In the meantime I have been searching for other possible options.
Last night we looked at a house to rent in the country - and I do mean the country. 
It was an old farmhouse - kind of the only house on the road. There was an old one-lane bridge over the Canal in the backyard and it was all just too eerie for me. --- I hate the country - I need to be in town where there is civilization.--- The house itself was very quaint and small. There were a lot of things that we really liked about it but I just felt so uncomfortable being so out of contact with the world. I got bad vibes.
So we're still looking.
We need to be out of here by September 31st and that is getting awfully close awfully fast. 
I need to not stress out and stay calm about it - that's the hardest part right now.
I want to be settled and be able to relax.
I need some reassurance. 

I guess that's it for now on the updates.
I'm actually starting to get a little baby bump.
I love it.

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