September 27, 2011

What you make of it...

Today I've been thinking of that old saying:
"Life is what you make of it."

We finally got our internet hooked up. We were supposed to have it on Friday but the guy never showed up.
I have loved not being distracted with the computer. I needed that in order to focus and get things done.
Remember how last Thursday was going to be our day to relax? 
Well, I got a call from my mom that afternoon saying that my dad got out of work early and was going to come move the rest of our stuff.
Well the "rest of our stuff" just happened to be all of our clothes, dishes, bathroom stuff, etc. 
I spent the next 3 hours before my parents came pretending that there was an evacuation and whatever was left unpacked when they got there would have to be left behind...that really motivated me. I was a frazzled wreck but I managed to get it all packed in time PLUS do our 10 loads of dirty laundry! 
We somehow got our apartment completely cleared out and moved within a few short hours - how we did it I don't know and it's too much work to think about it. 
That night we slept here - in our new home. 
Yep, definitely not ready to sleep here that night. 
Josh and I both are very sentimental and had a hard time realizing we were never going to sleep, eat or shower at 156 ever again. Bittersweet.
We fared pretty well the first night...
Fabienne was too upset to sleep because she had no idea where she was but it was okay because I couldn't sleep either. The next day I worked on cozy-ing up our bedroom and now I couldn't be happier.
I've just been doing fun stuff the past few days...hanging up all my clothes, unpacking all our goodies, trying to get things settled. 
This week sometime we're going to on a shopping excursion for our new couch, television and all the little things we need around the house (i.e. all new blinds, curtains, rugs). 
I'm hoping that by next week it's going to feel a lot more complete in here...then I can start on the nursery!!

This is how life looks right now:
could not be better.

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  1. Hi Jorda!!!
    Glad you have everything out and don't have to go back there again. Can't wait to see more pictures. Hope your baby girl likes it there along with puppy!! Time is racing by! Oct 1' 2011! Less than three months now!! It was wonderful to see and spend time with you on Sunday! <3