October 21, 2011

I haven't done one of these in a long time....

How far along?  According to the doctor: almost 27 weeks. (the ticker at the bottom of the page is off by a few days
Total weight gain/loss?   It fluctuates between 5-8 depending on what time of day I weigh myself 

Maternity clothes?  My mother-in-law took me shopping awhile back and bought me a whole bunch of jeans and tops...The jeans are still a little lose but I wear them anyway. I can still fit into my favorite skinny jeans though! My pre-pregnancy shirts though are starting to get a little short.
Stretch marks?   My boobs :'(
Sleep? Awful. I barely get a good nights rest anymore. I usually have my best sleep between 6-9am
Best moment last week?  My mom feeling Vivienne kick and then screaming with excitement. 
Movement? oh yeah! I don't know if this baby ever sleeps in there! For the past few weeks she has been dancing on my cervix (totally weird feeling) but now she's moved so she's back to kicking my ribs (painful!).
Food cravings? Candy - preferably blow pops and hot cinnamon. I pretty much crave any kind of food.  
Gender?  GIRL!
Labor signs?  nope!
Belly button in/out? Trying so hard to pop out. It's almosstt out and looks freakishly alien-like.
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly (I miss that so much), not feeling like a whale, caffeine, being able to put on my shoes without Josh's help...the other day while pulling up my boots he said "I guess this is good prep for having a kid." ha...
What I am looking forward to: Starting the nursery! Hopefully next week we'll start. Having this baby! My maternal instincts have turned on and they're on high! Everything I think about involves little Viv.  
Milestones: None really. We received the crib though! That was a pretty big deal :)

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