October 25, 2011

Throwing in some pink

So all along as we've been planning Vivienne's nursery I have been so against the color pink.
I don't know why I've had such a distaste for the poor color - but I have.
We bought her crib bedding already and I absolutely love it.
It's neutral with greens, yellows, oranges and has little grasshoppers on it.
As much as I love the bedding - it dawned on me today...
What if Vivienne ends up being our only daughter.
What our other children are all boys?
Then I realized that I need to make Vivienne our princess.
She needs a room that's feminine and delicate.
I found this collection from Target and immediately knew I had to change the theme of her room ASAP. 
Especially before people start buying things from our registries for the showers coming up!

It's really not changing much at all except for her bedding.
We still *love* little woodland critters and pastel colors, any vintage finds...only now, pink will be added in!
So really, the only thing that's changing is what she's going to be sleeping in. 
I'm so happy because everything that we have gotten already is still going to work with her room.
Her crib, changing table, bookcases, etc are all white - so matching won't be a problem.
I'm so excited.
Now, all we need to do is get her room cleaned out so we can start working in there - right now it's filled with dozens of boxes of books/things we have no place for. 

93 days til my due date people!

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