October 27, 2011

27 weeks and a few days.

I'm not exactly sure how far along I am still.
I'm sticking with my original count which puts me exactly 27 weeks.
My doctor keeps telling me I'm measuring a week ahead - I don't know if that means enough to change things.
So, according to my count, next week I start my 3rd trimester!
It's hard to believe that I'm almost done with my 2nd tri already - it feels like I was just excited about starting it.

Life seems to be giving us a run for our money lately. 
We keep running into things that roadblock us.
God is looking out for us though.
Things seem to be extra hard and difficult for us (mostly me) to stay positive lately.
Josh works two jobs (while being in school full-time) and we make enough money to pay our bills and buy our groceries. That's it.
Before we moved we used to at least have a little extra spending money - but now with our rent being higher we just have enough.
I've been feeling guilty for leaving my job so soon (back in August) and leaving everything for Josh to carry on his shoulders. 
I know that if I hadn't quit my job though that our home wouldn't be settled, my stress levels would have been high and I would have missed all the precious time with Josh that I've been able to have since we're not working opposite shifts. So there are two ways of looking at it I guess.
Last week Josh and I prayed for our financial situation.
We prayed for stability and peace.
We asked God about what he thought about me trying to find a little job.
After praying I decided to look on Craigslist and see what was there for part-time jobs in town.
I found an ad for a babysitter needed that was just enough hours and pay to help us without being too much work for me.
I told Josh about it and he thought I should respond to the ad if he thought it was something I would be up to doing. 
I didn't respond.
A few days came and went and through some little things we found out that the person who posted the craigslist ad was actually a friend of mine who I used to work with. I think I've mentioned before but she lives in the apartment below us.
 Is that God speaking or what?!
So, I talked with her and starting next week I'm going to be watching her beautiful 6 month old baby girl and boy. 
It's Tuesday-Friday in the afternoons (times when Josh works).
It's going to be difficult but I know I wouldn't be given something I couldn't handle.
On another financial note:
I had been stressing over getting some things for the Baby's nursery.
a rug (those things are not cheap!), a bookcase, and some other things but we just didn't have the extra money to spend on big ticket items right now.
One of my baby shower's is in just a few weeks and I wanted to have her nursery painted, and semi-put together before then so there would be a place for all her things.
It just wasn't looking like it was going to happen though - at least right away.
I was sad but I knew that things would work out eventually.
Then yesterday, I went to get the mail and there was a pink envelope in the box.
I opened it and it was a card for Vivienne from my Grandparents.
They sent us a generous gift so that we could "get started on Vivienne's nursery." 
I couldn't help but cry.
That was a Blessing never expected.
My heart was so full.

It's hard for me to always remember that Joshua and I are only 20 years old
Most 20 year olds are either still living with their parents or away at school. 
We have so much more than we need.
We have already been married for over a year. 
We have new furniture, a new big screen tv, a big apartment, a brand new car...we are blessed.
We are preparing to be parents to a precious baby girl.
We have friends and family who love us so dearly and who pour Blessings on us consistently. 
We may not have a lot of money - but we have enough.
We may not have a lot of time together - but we have enough.
We are so in love with one another that it makes the struggles and hard times feel worth it.
I need to keep my head up and remember these things often.

One more thing...
If you could pray for Joshua.
He's having some "severe" (as the doctor put it) health issues that just came up.
It's so scary to not know what's going on right now.
He has some tests to go through next week if you could keep him in your prayers if you think about it.


  1. Hang in there!!! I know it's tough! A new baby requires a lot of money, or so it seems but at the same time when you think about there are only a few real things a new baby needs: food, clothes, diapers, and a place to sleep. So since money is an issue right now, only buy the truly necessary things and then as things get easier you can buy things like rugs or decor things.

  2. I could not help but get emotional through your whole post. You are a strong woman and your faith is guiding you. Stay strong and your blessings will continue to shower you. It's so nice to read your blog, knowing that our pregnancies are very close! Your my new favorite blog!!


  3. Thanks Elena! It's always good to be reminded of where my focus really needs to be :)

    Thank you for the encouragement, Jessica! I love reading other moms/soon-to-be mom's who are close to the same stage I am in pregnancy! We're not alone ;)