November 6, 2011

She has a crib!

Last week Josh and I assembled Vivienne's crib!
We had it sitting in our living room in the box for about 2 weeks but couldn't set it up until we painted. 
So on Josh's day off we ran to Lowe's and picked up some paint and got her room done by the next day.
We set the crib up in our living room because we wanted to watch tv while doing it...
this thought crossed our minds: 
"maybe we should measure first to make sure that it will fit through the hallway after we set it up." 
Oh well, it was fun assembling it twice...not.

Her room is this color
Pink Chablis from Olympic.

I absolutely adore the color and am so glad I decided to go with pink.
It's so pale that I don't have to worry about it being too girly or Disney Princess-y. 
It's going to look wonderful with her bedding and all her antique toys and decor!

My mama-in-law is having a baby shower for me this Saturday. 
I am *so* excited for this.
One step closer to my baby girl being here.


  1. Oh no!!! That just means you gave her crib twice the love and attention!! Love the color choice!! It's just right!!