October 3, 2011

I live my life with a broom in my hand...

Now that most of our apartment is hardwood floors and tile I feel like most of my days are spent with a broom in my hands sweeping up dog hair, grass and dust. 
I don't understand how our dog sheds SO much hair...she's so small and her hair isn't even very long! 
Even after just an hour I can sweep up a huge pile of black dog hair. 
She spends most of the day inside her crate so I just do not understand.
I'm to the point that I'm going to buy rugs large enough to cover the floors!
I'm so used to having carpeting throughout our apartment and only have to sweep a tiny area in the kitchen and bathroom - not here though...

Things are still very unsettled and unpacked. 
We had a busy weekend and I've come down with a bad cold and can't seem to do anything but sleep.
Hopefully we will finally get our couch this week along with all the other houseware shopping we have to do.
I can't wait to get the living room settled so we don't have to sit on our bed all the time. 

I feel like I never have anything new to talk about - I have the most uneventful life ever. 
Not for long though so I should enjoy these boring days, right?

I guess I will let you see a little snippet of the house...as much as I don't want to show until it's done...
Here's our bathroom thus far. 
Still needs a lot of little things - rugs, wall decor, towels that match

Once I get things settled I'm going to steal my moms camera so I can get some good quality pictures.
That's what this blog needs...good photos! 


  1. Br looks good Jorda! Towels look like they go well, maybe you could use them too! Along with the other ones you talked about getting. Curtain and shower curtain are pretty and the purple flowers on the back of the toilet. I am sorry you got sick with a cold. You looked so well and happy Saturday night at the party! Hope you feel better real fast!! Viv most likely doesn't want her Mommy suffering a cold. She is thinking, I gotta get out of here pretty soon and my Mommy better be feeling real well!! <3 :-)

  2. We have wood floors too and I have to break it to you, rugs don't help. Somehow all the junk that used to sit on the floor collects under the rug and on top of it. So you have to vacum/shake and sweep too. It's endless! Still it's good to have nice soft rugs for baby to play and crawl on.