December 29, 2011

Baby Showers

So, I've been wanting to do a baby shower post for the longest time but I just haven't gotten around to getting it done.
My MIL threw a shower for me in early November and my mom had one at the beginning of this month.
Both of them were so wonderful and we were so blessed by family and friends. 

Shower #1

Shower #2

 my Aunt Carol made Vivi the most beautiful blanket.
It is definitely going to be a treasured piece. 

 my aunt gail, memaw (mom's mom), me, my mom ^

my mom and cousins made little waxed deer ornaments for favors. So cute. 

It was so amazing to see all the love for our daughter at these showers. 
We are so Blessed to be so thought of and cared for. 
Only a few more weeks until Vivienne is here to enjoy all her new things and be showered with love!

Also, I promise I will be getting thank you cards out THIS week!
I have had them done since the day after both showers and haven't had the chance to get them in the mail. 
I promise they're coming!

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