January 1, 2012

36 weeks (and a half)

36 and a half weeks!

I'm feeling *so* ready for Vivienne's arrival.
Over the past few days I've gone on numerous shopping trips getting together the last few things that we needed for her and for myself. 
The nursery is THIIIS close to being complete, her and my hospital bags are packed, carseat is ready to be installed in the car, baby clothes are washed and put away, Christmas decorations are packed away. PHEW!

Friday was my last day babysitting so I can start doing things during the day...yahoo!
I want to start a baby book this week and finish a few little projects around the house.
I'm making lists of freezer meals to prep and grocery lists.
It's getting down to the wire!

How have I been feeling lately?
Baby has dropped slightly and my doctor doesn't want me doing ANY lifting or reaching.
Every morning when I wake up my *excuse me* crotch area feels bruised like I've been working out without stretching. Baby head is the reason - horrah for her being so far down!
Sleeping has been a nightmare.
Before I can fall alseep I think for about an hour all the things that I need to do, labor, and of course my sweet baby girl. Once I finally do get to sleep I wake up shortly after having to go to the bathroom and drink water.
I've been going to a whole Brita water pitcher per night for the past week - yeah, I'm one thirsty mama!
Other than those few things I've been feeling fine - except for being extra tired from carrying around this big girl! 
She's still measuring on the large side so we'll see what my doctor says this week about what to expect!
I have a feeling she's coming early. 
Throughout my whole pregnancy I've felt that she's coming on the 16th. 
Maybe that's just me being impatient?
Or maybe one of those strange Mommy Senses? 
We'll see!

I hope you all had a wonderful NYE!
Hubby and I were in bed by 10pm - we're such old boring people already, haha!

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  1. I love your belly. It's so round and cute!
    Why doesn't your doctor want you to reach or carry anything?

    I also have a feeling Alexis will arrive earlier but I think it's just us being impatient. Watch both of us go past Jan 25-26!